A crazy sexy doll

featuring Rubber Anna

a crazy sexy doll playing nude games with dildo  

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A doll is born  

featuring Carmen

This is my first video as a doll. I am still a little unsure of the camera. But I'll show you for the first time how my face looks like under my dolls mask  

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A living doll is spoiled with a dildo  

featuring Rebecca Black

Incredible, a lively but motionless doll spoiled with a dildo.  

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A real live sex doll

The website Dollrotic exists already since the year 2008. Many nice videos from the years before from my predecessor Doll can be found here

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Amazing Ragdoll act in Zentai  

featuring Anna

Enjoy watching a living doll, how she can bend it in the craziest positions

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An unusual flexible doll  

featuring Sonya Dulganova

Gymnastics and erotic, watch how our top model can bend in the craziest positions. A must for every fan of flexible women  

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Anal Serving Doll  

featuring Carmen

The night in prison was very restless for me. Constantly I dreamed of being fucked in all my holes. Finally in the morning, my dream come true. My master starting...  

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Back at Home  

featuring Carmen

I get home. First take off and go to the bathroom. Then take a shower and piss. You look everywhere  

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Be my puppet

featuring Svetlana


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Be my sex doll  

featuring Josephine

Our newcomer star from Stuttgart. She is a household name in the fetish scene. Her passion is latex and zentai. She loves the feel of tight rubber on bare skin ...  

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Be my slave  

featuring Carmen

I like to be used by my master .. and then get a good fuck from him as thanks  

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Bondage and BDSM in the garden Part 1  

featuring Isabella

Summer feelings in the garden. Isabella observes in private how she lives out her submissive fetish. As a sex slave, you can be tied up and used by your favorite...  

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